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Help Team India Foundation

( Help Team India Foundation ) ( Your One Support Can Change Someone's Life ) We are a group of youngsters who runs campaigns to aware people about one of the biggest problems of our country i.e. BEGGING. We want a beggar free India We are all about to create a change in the mindset of people and to provide the help to the needy. Change is not always bring out by strong and muscular body but by a strong will and pure heart. Every person born on this planet is unique , no one is powerless and useless. ‘ HELP TEAM INDIA FOUNDATION ’ is a public platform for wide range of people so that everyone can contribute towards the change. Begging is something that seems that it can’t be eradicated but if everyone contributes then this target can be achieved. Be believe that- Start by doing what is necessary. Then what is possible. Suddenly you will be doing the impossible.

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